An Immersive & Experiential Tasting Menu With a Rotating Theme

San Francisco’s most intimate dining experience with just eight guests per seating, The Table at Merchant Roots consists of Chef Ryan Shelton’s tasting menu with optional wine pairings, premised on a bold theme that rotates quarterly.  

Merchant Roots’ current menu theme, “Color Theory” explores the art and science of color through eight monochromatic courses ($105) with available wine pairings ($65). 

Chef Ryan Shelton’s thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing menu highlights the beauty of red, orange, blue, green, yellow, violet, black, and white using various textures and techniques.  Throughout the meal, Chef Ryan will delve into color theory and expound upon the meanings and messages of colors, and the ways in which they draw reaction and incite emotion.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a sip to whet their palates, and invited to mingle and meet fellow diners in the lounge before the nine-course festivities begin. 

Dinner is offered three nights a week: Thurs @ 7pm, Fri @ 7pm, and Sat @ 6pm and 8:30pm.