About Merchant Roots

Chef/Owner Ryan Shelton and Wine Director/Partner Madison Michael have over 25 years of collective hospitality experience. Ryan Shelton, formerly of Baume (Palo Alto), a passionate chef with a proud Italian heritage, has spent his career honing his skills. He is is devoted to handmade pasta, charcuterie, and all things sweet. Madison Michael is a certified sommelier and cheesemonger bringing her expertise and knowledge to the Table at Merchant Roots.

Small but mighty, the 1,000-square-foot space embodies a “new nostalgia” vibe, and a sense of warmth and intimacy will pervade. The heart of the space is the Table at Merchant Roots, showcasing its specialty food products and retail by day, and at night transforming into a space to feature Chef Ryan Shelton's dedication to culinary wonders. 


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